General Question:
1. Can I come to your shop and try on some dresses?
We are online business only and do not have a shop front at this stage, so try on or pickup is not available. We saved expensive shop rental, wages and other expenses by running this business on the Internet, therefore pass these savings on to the general public.

2. What is your store policy? What is the procedure for exchange or return?
Yes, you can access our store policy here.

3. Can I contact you by phone? What is your postal address?
In order to service you better and reply all your question promptly, please contact us through email. Yes, anything can be asked and answered through email. It helps us to maintain a good business management but also helps to answer your question promptly instead of rush out any decision through the phone.

4. I have a retail shop and would like buy wholesale from you. Is this possible?
Yes, please email us your business information. We will email you back with more details. Or you can access Wholesales Application Form here.

5. How to get creases removed from dress?
We carry stock in large volume, so all dress has to be folded when stored, actually you will see most of online store keep dress in this way. So when the dresses packed in plastic bags and delivery to your door, always take the dress out of the plastic, then either laid flat or hung it up to keep from creasing.
Three things you can do to remove creases:
1). Hang the dress either in a shower when its hot steamy to let the creases fall out or hang it from the banister and have a boiling kettle under it (not touching it).
2). Buy a small clothes steamer and run it over the creases.
3). If that does not work set your iron on the steam setting and start with lowest temperature. Placing a fine cotton cloth over the dress iron the creases out. remember always press on the wrong side and test the iron on an inconspicuous place first just in case. Do not worry you will not ruin your dress with a steam iron just be careful never to use a dry one otherwise it may melt the material if it is too hot.
4). If you are not comfortable and are afraid you will ruin it, then take it to a dry cleaners, they will steam press it for you.

About The Dress:
6. I am not sure about my size, can I get help or suggestion?
Yes, email us your measurement includes bust, under bust, waist and hip sizes; and the dress you are interested. We can give you a suggestion as our best knowledge.

7. Does your dress size comes smaller or bigger?
When this question is asked, you are actually guessing the size. There is no such thing dress size comes smaller or bigger. Obviously it will not be a case if we know the dress is too small or too big. Basically all dresses are made according the size chart. There is no standard Australian size. Every store or brand has its own size definition. So do not rely on the size you usually have and only choose the size base on a proper measurement.

8. Is the dress material stretchable or whether the dress has any take in?
The dress size is designed base on the size chart, so whether the material is stretchable or not, it has been considered with the design. so please always choose the size base on the size chart. Whether the dress has any take in depends on individual dress style, there is a fitting section on item description page, it gives you some idea about it. If you have to make sure on the sizes for some reason, please email us your measurement includes bust, under bust, waist and hips; so we can double check on the dress and give you a prompt answer.

9. Can I offer you a price for the dress I am interested?
Sorry, we do not have any option like "Best Offer" at this stage. All price is as it stated. If you are purchasing 3 or more dresses, you can contact us for bulk discount.

10. Do you have more dresses available since I need more?
Yes, we always have multiple dress available in stock. Due to the online store limitation, dress stock level may not be 100% correct. We will email you if any problem with stock.

About Postage & Delivery:
11. How many days needed to receive my purchase?
All item is in stock and can be sent out as soon as payment is cleared. How many days needed depends on your location and post method. Usually the time frame is about 1-7 days within Australia, and 1-3 weeks for international purchase. Please note we can not guarantee the delivery time frame neither take responsible for any delivery delay as it is out of our control. So to avoid any disappointment, please prepare everything earlier.

12. I need the dress by the weekend, can you guarantee I can receive it on time?
No, We can not guarantee the delivery time simply the delivery is out of our control. Australian Post delivery is usually on time, but delay and accident does happen. We can only guarantee to send out your purchase ASAP after payment is cleared. So when you need a dress in urgent and time is too short, you have to use your own judgment to decide whether the purchase can reach you on time. .

For International Purchase:
13. How many days needed for international delivery?
We can not tell you exactly how many days needed for international shipping. It depends your location, the freight routine, customs clearance and how fast the delivery in your country. Normally the time frame is about 1-3 weeks.

14. What size should I purchase in related to the size chart?
We are an Australian company, all listing is in Australian sizes. So you need to find out the australian sizes for your dress. You can find the size you need by comparing what stated in "Full Size Chart". Please only choose the size base on the proper measurement not the dress size you usually have.

15. I am from another country, what will be the total cost in my currency?
All listing is in Australian dollar, the price for the dress is as stated with the item description page. You can check the postage cost by follow the "Shipping Info" link in site menu.
You can then converter total cost in Australian dollar to the currency in your country according the present exchange rate, you can find the exchange rate by using third party service, like http://www.gocurrency.com/.

16. Why I get charged a fee when we receiving the parcel?
You may get charged certain amount of tax and duty for imports. Every country has different tax system and policy. In Australian, we would not get charged any duty if the shipment value is below AU$1000. So if it is important for you, please contact the customs in your country for details. We are not responsible for any tax, duty or handling charge from your customs or post service in your country if there is any.